Fighting addiction without conversion

I get a little frustrated sometimes when I try to reach out to others through various online forums for pornography addicts. For me, a big part of the journey toward giving up pornography was coming to better understand God’s plan for human sexuality and, hopefully, follow His plan more faithfully. I have come to appreciate more fully that the act of sexual intercourse is not supposed to just be about people experiencing physical pleasure. Rather, they fill a more sacred purpose of uniting a couple and reinforcing their unity throughout their life together in an act that is the vehicle for human creation. Just as God’s creation of mankind was an act of love, so is the creation of every person meant to be.

Pornography prevented me from seeing this, or at least from seeing it clearly. Yet, as I read some of the things others share about their personal experiences in giving up pornography, I realize that many have no interest in embracing sexual activity as the sacred gift that God meant for it to be. They still want sex on their own terms; they’ve just come to realize that pornography gets in the way of what they want for themselves.

This is a problem that is bigger than pornography. It’s why contraception exists. It’s why fornication and adultery happen. It’s why there is such widespread acceptance of so-called same-sex marriage. It’s why abortion happens. Once people decide that sex is their own thing to use any way they want, God’s plan gets left behind.

In fact, it’s worse than that — God’s plan is viewed as hostile. People are punished for saying, “No, I don’t want to buy contraception for people,” “No, I don’t want to fund abortion,” or “No, I don’t want to recognize same-sex marriages.” Anything that might suggest disapproval of someone else’s sexual activity is viewed as discriminatory, because the world only sees sex for its worldly value.

Breaking free of pornography addiction was difficult enough when I saw it as the biggest obstacle in my personal relationship with God at the time. I don’t know how people find the motivation when what they want instead is no more in keeping with His plan than what they are giving up.


About Cimachol

A Catholic revert who struggles with depression and wrestled with pornography addiction for decades before overcoming it. I try to help other people do the same.
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